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Gambino is a Mastermind.
Bino will you be my Baby Daddy
- Every Gambino Fan (via 1987creation)

If you haven’t done so already, guys please vote for Donald Glover for “Best Rap Video” at the MTV VMA’s. The video nomination is for 3005. We must vote!

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Its not love but its pretty close
- Childish Gambino (via love-nadia)
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Childish Gambino Calls Out Kendrick, Drake, ScHoolboy Q During Sydney ConcertLooks like Childish Gambino is feeling some type of way. During a concert in Sydney, Australia tonight, the actor-turnt-rapper decided to take a few shots at his peers with a “Control”-like freestyle, placing Kendrick Lamar, Drake and ScHoolboy Q’s names on a list of rappers…Post Link: http://blaecny.com/music/performances/childish-gambino-calls-out-kendrick-drake-schoolboy-q-during-sydney-concert/
Childish Gambino Calls Out Drake, Kendrick Lamar & Schoolboy Q (Video)


Watch Childish Gambino name drop some of the top rappers in the game

Control Part Two?

Childish Gambino was definitely feeling himself during this concert. While performing in Australia, Gambino started freestyling and name dropped Kendrick Lamar, Drake & SchoolBoy Q saying that he’s better than them and he’s coming at them. It’s nothing to  serious but of course social media makes it more than it…

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I wanna bring you back to the studio, try and get your number. These black girls with natural hair who keep up with their tumblrs.
- Childish Gambino (via hoodwillhunting)

what Ive been trying to say… the love is ours so baby we should make it.
Good music inspires art.

Jhene XChildishGambino by me

A poster I designed for my fundamentals of Graphic Design class was designed to be 18x24 on matte paper.
The idea was to recreate an event we had gone to of one of our favorite artist, but we had to add another act so I chose Aziz considering Donald preforms stand-up at the beginning of his show.
I was really in to the CMYK color scale at the time, and street art which is why there are three stencil like Donalds.
I also chose three, because he’s a triple threat Actor, Writer, Rapper, and the two blending points was where all his talents came together.

"Are we dating? Are we fucking?
Are we best friends? Are we something, in-between that?”
Heartbeat // Childish Gambino // Camp

AYO!!! Guys, Childish Gambino has been nominated again for best rap music video at the MTV VMAS. We need to definitely votes our asses off so he can win this time! Everyone please vote!

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