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Lost god never pray, forgotten us
Lost love, never say just like our parents
Too much power ain’t enough power
Brain splattered like I’ve fallen off a Watchtower
- Childish Gambino (via sad-hippie-blog)

Childish Gambino (by LollapaloozaFest)
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An important image
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breakfast lunch and dinner’s for beginners,
you ain’t even know
Donald Glover Will Finally Get to Be Spider-Man (in a Cartoon)

/r/DonaldGlover + Forever Childish Contest

Forever Childish has teamed up with the moderators of /r/DonaldGlover to celebrate their subreddit reaching 10,000 subscribers.
Two Ways to Enter:
1) Raffle: Enter the raffle using Rafflecopter on the contest page.
2) Creative: Submit any original creative piece related to Childish Gambino that you have created. This includes pieces of music, art, writing, poetry, video, photography, and anything else you can think of. Forever Childish and the moderators of /r/DonaldGlover will pick the top five submissions and then fans will get to vote for the winner.
Ultimate Prize Pack: “Because The Internet” vinyl, “Camp” vinyl, T-Shirt, Poster, and “Because The Internet” CD. The first place winner of the Creative Contest will also get to speak with Childish Gambino over email.
Fan Prize Pack: Poster and T-Shirt
Both versions of the contest will have a first place winner who will receive an Ultimate Prize Pack and one second place winner who will receive a Fan Prize Pack. You can only win one prize pack. A total of four prize packs will be distributed.
The contest will begin on August 27th and run until September 24th. Voting will begin on September 25th and will end on October 2nd. All four winners will be announced October 1st.
Enter the contest and get all necessary information here.
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I always wanted to get picked on the cool team, but alone is exactly how I should be
- Childish Gambino (via flamedvex)